The Great Wall – Army Shield Props by WETA Workshop


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Direct from The Great Wall featuring Matt Damon and Pedro Pascale comes the shields of the Great Army.

The Great Wall had props & costumes made by WETA Workshop.  The costumes were designed by one of the new superstars of the film world, Mayes Rubio. You can see a great video of her discussing these costumes here:

This is the shield of the Bear Clan.

These amazing props were made by WETA Workshop, maybe the most famous prop makers in the world, after their amazing work on The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit as well as every other movie Peter Jackson has made!

The craftsmanship is stunning, and these props are made out of wood, dense rubber and resin. These are not lightweight stunt props! These are real “hero” pieces that look amazing in person.

They are $350 each plus shipping (which we will figure out when we have your address, but will ship UPS ground.  We will send you a Paypal invoice for shipping).

Don’t miss the chance to get an affordable prop from an amazing movie!


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