Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where is the studio?

Ares Studios is located at 282 E Crogan St, Lawrenceville, GA 30046

What is Axanar Productions?

Axanar Productions is the production company that produces the Star Trek fan film “Prelude to Axanar” and is producing its two sequels. Axanar Productions, Inc. is a separate legal entity from Ares Studios.

How much parking do you have?

There is adequate parking for up to 10 cars. If you need additional parking please make that clear when you request studio time.

Is there a loading dock?

Yes. There is a full size cargo door where gear and sets can be unloaded right into the studio.

Is there adequate power for lights and gear?

We have ample power for standard studio lighting and gear.

How good is the heating and air conditioning?

The studio has adequate heating and air conditioning. This is a shop, however, and it doesn’t have precise climate control. The fans can also be loud, so it might be necessary to turn off the AC system when recording audio.

Do you provide or rent gear?

Student filmmakers should plan on bringing their own camera and equipment.

What sets are included / available?

Please check our photos to see what’s available. The main set is a 360 degree bridge for the USS Ares. The ship is designed to fit into the Star Trek universe. With the right lighting, graphics, and props you can adapt the set to look like different kinds of ships. There are over 20 view screens, each of which is connected to a Rasberri Pi computer. Those computers are set to loop any .mp4 file that you load onto them. The set also includes a transporter unit with sliding doors, a captain’s quarters, and a side room. Lighting can be brought into the set or hung from above with the right cranes. There is no light grid in the studio.

Is there a bathroom?

There is a bathroom with a locking door.

Is there wi-fi?

The Studio has limited WiFi.

Can I visit the studio for a walk-through?

Yes! Please contact Pasha at

Is there security?

We do not provide security. The studio is right off a main street in Lawrenceville, GA, and is next to the soccer fields at Rhodes Jordan Park.

Are there safety hazards I should be aware of?

Yes! Teachers should supervise students carefully in this workspace. The studio has all kinds of standard dangers that you’d find in any set building workshop.There might be nails on the floor, tripping hazards, flimsy backdrops, power tools, dirt, loose boards, exposed wires, tall ladders, paint cans, industrial cleaning products, power cables, and other dangers. This is a workshop, not a classroom, and teachers are responsible for student safety at Ares Studios.

Do student filmmakers need adult supervision?

Yes. All students should be supervised by adult chaperones or teachers at all times.

Do student film projects have to be sponsored by a school or a teacher?

We are open to any student project, whether sponsored by a teacher or not.

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