Battlestar Galactica “Baltar” Ballot w/ COA



This is an authentic paper ballot from Battlestar Galactica, used on set in the second season finale “Lay Down Your Burdens”.

On election day, Baltar has a 5,000 vote lead over Roslin until the final batch of votes from the Zephyr are counted. Roslin wins the election against all predictions. Lt. Gaeta, who was in charge of the ballot counting, spots a major irregularity with the Zephyr’s ballot papers and reports the matter to Col. Tigh. The truth is that Tigh himself, in collusion with Dualla and Tory Foster (Roslin’s campaign assistant), has rigged the election in favor of Roslin. Gaeta takes the matter directly to Admiral Adama.

Adama confronts Roslin who admits she knew that Foster was planning to rig the vote. She stresses that Baltar cannot become President because he is working for the Cylons, explaining to Adama what she saw back on Caprica. He is shocked at her claims and though he has no wish to see Baltar as President he insists the vote rigging was illegal and would eventually weigh heavily on her conscience.


These paper ballots were obtained by Propworx, who handled the Battlestar Galactica Auctions. Each one comes with a Propworx Certificate of Authenticity and matching holograms to prove the props authenticity and matching it to the COA.

Ballot and COA will be shipped First Class Mail in a sturdy cardboard mailer.


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