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Film on the sets of the USS Ares

The USS Ares bridge set is the finest Star Trek-style bridge set in the US.  It is easily adaptable for your uses in a student film, a Star Trek fan film production, or an independent science fiction film. High School Students shoot for free, while independent film makers pay a low rate.

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About us

Ares Studios is a unique film studio, open to all independent film and Star Trek fan film makers who want to use the amazing sets originally built for the ground-breaking film “Prelude to Axanar”. Ares Studios also works with Georgia high school video production Classes, servicing 28 local high school programs, allowing students to film on Hollywood-quality sets, in a professional film environment. 

Ares Studios is a 501c3 Non-profit corporation.

Our mission

Ares Studios is dedicated to helping film makers, from students to seasoned professionals, create exciting content on hollywood-quality sets.

We endeavor to give students opportunities to make films in an environment not otherwise available to them, while giving independent film makers the chance to shoot on a quality of set they could not achieve themselves.

Ares Studios is a not-for-profit corporation

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