USS Xenophon Miniature 1:3788


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The USS Xenophon model is an unpainted 1:3125 scale ship cast in no-lead pewter in five parts.

~2″L x 1-3/16″W x 7/16″H (51.5mmL x 30.3mmW x 10.8mmH).

1” hex plastic flight stand is available separately.

All models are unpainted.


These miniatures are available in both 1:3125 and 1:3788 scales.

The FASA scale from the 1980’s was the smaller 1:3788 scale.

The ADB (Starfleet Battles) 1:3125 scale is slightly larger.

We sell both scale ships because most game players want to have their ships all in the same scale, and are loathe to mix them or dump some in favor of the other because not all ships are offered in both.


100% of the profits of the sale of this item benefit Ares Studios and its educational mission.






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