Star Trek Shipyards Book and TOS Enterprise model!


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Eagle Moss Shipyards Starfleet Ships 2151 – 2293 book with USS Enterprise model

A chronological history of the Starfleet starships from Star Trek television shows and films, specially packaged with a die-cast collectible USS Enterprise 250 years worth of Starfleet ships are profiled Including Zefram Cochrane’s ship The Phoenix , which made the first faster-than-light journey in human history, through Captain Kirk’s famous Enterprise up to the Enterprise-B the ship where Kirk was lost. Plus all of the Starfleet ships from the STAR TREK: DISCOVERY TV series. This in-depth reference book includes a technical overview and operational history for each ship and is illustrated with CG artwork, including original VFX models made for the TV show. Includes THE ENTERPRISE NX-01 , THE U.S.S. DISCOVERY & THE U.S.S. ENTERPRISE NCC-1701 STAR TREK SHIPYARDS is a series of lavishly illustrated books that provide in-universe profiles of STAR TREK ships. Each ship is profiled with technical information, its operational history and much more.

Specially packaged with a die-cast collectible model of the iconic USS Enterprise from the original 1966 television series.

Please note the book is a hardcover with dust jacket which is in average condition with various creases.  It is unread, but the dust jacket was cleverly not mint when inserted in this box! So a good reading copy.   The model is mint and unopened in the box!


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