Ares Studios News – Dec. 2021


The November Axanar re-shoot was a HUGE success!   I can tell you that the shoot was a 10/10 and the footage, unlike what we got 2 years ago, was perfect for what Axanar is.  Having not one, but TWO directors who knew what they were doing, was a huge improvement over 2019.


For this one day shoot, we used the top high school video production studio in Atlanta.  Since we work with Gwinett County Schools, and their students use our facility regularly, they were happy to loan us theirs.  And it had a huge amount of room so we had a big green room, and a room just for our Live Stream and BTS (Behind the Scenes) shoot.

It’s really important to realize, that our studio is one 5,000 sf building, with about 3,800 sf of usable studio space and 1,200 sf of office space.  That 3,800 sf gets used up very fast when you have a full bridge set that requires 2,000 sf all by itself!  That leaves 1,800 sf for storage and other sets.  And with the bridge disassembled at this point, we are losing about half of that.

The Bridge set needs about a day to be put back together, and then a couple weekend of Dana’s TLC to get back in shape.  And right now Dana is unavailable till January.   So stay tuned!


Axanar  –  In 2022, we have two Axanar film shoots planned, a 3 day shoot in L.A. and a 1 day shoot in Atlanta and then we are DONE!  Post Production and we release next summer!

Avalon Universe –  Josh Irwin is planning on shooting an Axanar-era story (based in the Avalon Universe) in  on the bridge set.

Jewish Space Laser Corps –  The pilot didn’t raise the money we need to shoot it, but we are going to do it anyway!  We will start work on the pilot as soon as we finish with principal photography of Axanar in February.

Unidentified project –  People keep asking, why not do something besides Star Trek?  And we agree!  We will start right after we release the next two episodes of The Four Years War.

And we have BIG NEWS for the premier of the next two episodes of Axanar!  We are working out details now.




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